pointless experimenting staring sharon and nat!


pointless experimenting staring sharon and nat!

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What makes you think I’m in love with Natalia?

(all poses belong to senshistock)

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Black Widow - First appearance : Tales of Suspense #52 (1964)  

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Noto’s “Hank Pym Photo Archives” variant for Black Widow.
Noto’s “Hank Pym Photo Archives” variant for Black Widow.
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Dat thousand mile glare.


Dat thousand mile glare.

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gratuitous black widow butt
that’s all c:


gratuitous black widow butt

that’s all c:

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like does marvel actually understand i will spend my life savings on nat romanoff merchandise if they give her a movie

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Ok, I finally can’t stand it any longer 



Alright. All this damned complaining about “ERMAGERD MAKE A BLERK WIDER MERVIE!!!!!!111!” i’ve finally had it with. Seriously, do you guys realize how terrible of a person Black Widow is? Do you have any clue? Probably not since many of you have only seen the movies where she’s the “good guy”.
A list of things Black Widow has done:

  • Got Hawkeye thrown in a Maximum Security prison for shits and giggles basically
  • Worked in SHIELD basically as an undercover spy for HYDRA
  • Pretended to want to be in a relationship with Tony Stark to steal his technology
  • Tried to trick Hawkeye into completing her assassination target when injured and he almost did if Spider Man hadn’t stopped him.

This is what i can remember as of right now, the point is Black Widow is not nearly as honorable of a person as the movies make her out to be. She is a manipulator who will stop at nothing, including manipulating and harming her teammates to get what she wants. Her only loyalties lay in herself.

I’m not saying not to make a female headed movie but why not try for Scarlet Witch? or Storm? Those both have far more honorable lives without loosing any of the inner strength they represent and have.

It sounds like you are basing half your interpretation on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? But haven’t seen all the episodes or something, because she threw Clint into that prison to protect him, and was also a spoilers: triple agent who was always working for SHIELD. The last thing is from an Untold Tales of Spider-Man issue, iirc, and yes, it is true Natasha did spin Clint into a super-villain career, before she defected from the KGB. The fallout is what pushed her to reform herself. It’s all there on the wiki.

But I don’t think any Natasha fan believes she’s never done bad things. The movies tell us this, over and over— a lot of fans want a Black Widow movie to see the awful crimson place she came from. Her story is about redemption and liberation and how who you choose to be means more than what you are made to do. Natasha has a supervillain skillset but heroic intentions and the tension between the two is part of why I like her. To say Natasha’s only loyalties are to herself is to ignore pretty much her entire 50 year comic history.

And, well, I’m kinda tired of hearing the only reason I want a Black Widow film is because I don’t know anything about other Marvel heroines and probably don’t know anything about Black Widow, either. Because I’m a massive Natasha fan, I know more about her, and that is how this thing usually works. I buy Storm’s comic every month because I like Ororo, too, because I’m actually able to appreciate female characters with diverse narratives and personalities instead of forcing them into some weird mental death match where only one can be good enough. I am okay with these life choices.

Look, people decide if they want to see a film all the time based on trailers, but fans who decide they want to see a Black Widow movie based on three whole films are secretly confused and need to be argued out of it. It’s just gatekeeping in another guise.

You know, I could make a list of terrible things Tony Stark has done five times as long and considerably worse from my point of view. Thor and Cap and Stephen Strange could definitely match up to this list if you’re going to cherrypick incidents from various continuities like this.

But of course no one sees a problem with them getting movies. Nope. It’s just the women - we can only ever have one, and they have to be a perfect human being before it’s possible. This is ridiculous, and sexist, and just plain hilariously WRONG.

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imagine natasha coming home from an op and wandering into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea and finding a note from clint stuck to her fridge saying ‘i didn’t know which one you meant so i fed them all' and she doesn't get what it means until she looks out the back window and there's at least a dozen stray cats lurking in the little garden attached to the apartments, and they all start mewing frantically when they notice her at the window

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Yelena Belova Speedpaint for Yellowis4happy


Yelena Belova Speedpaint for Yellowis4happy

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in issue #3, natasha starts off leaving her apartment, goes on a mission, and is distracted because she had seen that her neighbor, ana, had been beaten by her husband (it’s implied that it’s not the first time.) throughout the issue she talks about how having a home is distracting and she can’t afford to have a home, but she does go back to her apartment and accepts that she has a home- and she handles the predators at home just as easily as those in the jungle.

the reason she realized that she had made a mistake with a client is she saw how casually he ‘requested’ girls for himself when he was taking off in the helicopter. protecting her neighbor isn’t a one-time incident based on what goes on in her apartment building, either, but a pattern. black widow protects women. you can see this in the name of the rose, where she takes down another man who beats his wife. you can see this again and again with natasha.

one of my favorite aspects of natasha is that she will always protect women from abusive men. she will always be there to save women from others, and in the case of jessica drew, themselves. 

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Black Widow comics + tumblr posts

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Comic Book Meme - [1/5] Favorite Female Characters ↳ Black Widow [Natalia Alianovna Romanova]

Comic Book Meme - [1/5] Favorite Female Characters
↳ Black Widow [Natalia Alianovna Romanova]

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you’ll never know who i was before. 

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Oh man, that sure would be awesome. If only I had the power to make that happen!

 - Kevin Feige every time he’s asked about a Black Widow film (via enigma731)
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