from Avengers #17

from Avengers #17

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GIMP is the most horrible image editing program ever made.

All I want to do is fill in the background of this image with white. It is fucking impossible to do. There are no commands that work just to fill a layer with white. The paint can doesn’t work. The fill command doesn’t work. It does nothing. Absolutely. Nothing.

It’s a piece of garbage. Whoever told me I don’t need Photoshop so long as I get GIMP can screw off. I have no idea what kind of brains this damn thing makes any sense to, but I definitely don’t have one of them.

Older versions of GIMP are much, much better. I cannot figure out the newer versions for the life of me, and it pisses me off. IT USED TO BE SO AWESOME AND SIMPLE. WHO THE FUCK DECIDED TO CHANGE IT SO NO ONE CAN FUCKING USE IT?

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